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  • Assessment quadrant


    A simple tool that can be used to map student progress in reading.

  • Baseboards for sentence dice


    These are two baseboards for statements – a simple sentence.

  • Bears in the Night


    These maths book notes for Bears in the Night by Stan and Jan Berenstain  provide teachers with a variety of activities they can select to reinforce the use of positional language in everyday situations. Suitable for Kindergarten/ Prep.

  • Cultural Perspectives Pack


    This pack contains two units: The Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival andBuying petrol in Cambodia.

    The Moon Festival is celebrated by Chinese communities around the world. South-East Asian countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, Laos and Malaysia have very large Chinese communities. This set of three lessons looks at aspects of the Moon Festival and is suitable for K-6.

    Buying petrol in Cambodia is very different. ‘Filling up’ in the countryside is far different from buying petrol at the service station. Motos pull to the side of the dusty, pot -holed roads to the roadside stall selling petrol. Here they purchase a recycled bottle filled with fuel. The average purchase is one litre. Fill, pay and leave in under 5 minutes!

  • English block: daily outline- Responding and Composing


    A rethinking of the literacy block to engage more productively with the NSW English K-6 Syllabus and the Australian Curriculum.

  • Good Mathematicians Chart


    This chart can be used K-6 to explicitly teach the principles that good mathematicians use.

  • Guided Reading Planning


    These guided reading planning sheets are are written for levelled text up to level 26. Each sheet includes a number of  suggested teaching foci  related to the text level.

  • Homophone Rummy


    This pack of playing cards can be used to play a variety of games including Homophone Rummy, Homophone memory or snap. The cards are playing card size and each card has one word written on it. All cards are in pairs of homophones.

  • Learning to Read


    A diagram that outlines the sources of information and strategic behaviours that beginning readers use.

  • License Plates


    Two maths lessons based on using everyday objects, in this case license plates on cars, to apply mathematical understanding. Suitable for students in grade 2 and above.