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  • Name that Number


    At a recent Teacher Professional Learning TRIO shared some card games for building fluency. Name that number, in particular, interested the teachers who were present. So, at their request, here is our version of this card game for maths

  • NSW English syllabus colour coded table of outcomes and objectives


    These three pages come from the NSW English Syllabus (pgs 16-17 in the hardcopy). I have added the modes and skills to each outcome on the overview. Then I have colour coded theĀ  outcomes to show how they connect to an objective.

  • NSW Maths Syllabus- Colour Coded Table of Outcomes


    This colour coded version of the NSW Maths Syllabus Table of outcomes highlights the connections between strands and substrands as well as outcomes across the stages from early stage one to stage three.

  • Parents Supporting Reading Handout


    Are you holding a meeting to inform parents about how they can support a beginning reader and writer? This handout uses parent friendly language to inform parents about useful prompts they can use as a child reads to them at home. It includes some information about supporting beginning writers as well.

  • Poetic Devices


    Are you uncertain what poetic devices there are? Do you want a resource that unpacks the terms we encounter as we read about poems? This document will be of assistance to you!

  • Poetic Forms


    This resource unpacks the features of different types of poems. It is a ready resource to use as you select different types of poems to read with your students. Understanding the features of different forms of poems will be helpful as students attempt to write poems.

  • Poetry Pack


    Do you find teaching poetry daunting? If so then poetry pack may be a useful resource for you. This A4 download comprises an introduction to teaching poetry. The poetic devices and poetic forms mentioned in the NSW English syllabus K-6 are unpacked. A number of step – by – step sheets guide you and your students to produce a variety of poems.

  • Poetry Resources


    This selection of poetry resources is just the set of resources that TRIO own and use. Some may be out of print and available only in libraries, others are current. This selection will include titles we mention in our presentations and some you may want to explore further.

  • Programming Proforma: Early Stage 1


    We offer this programming template as a way to make clear links between the syllabus outcomes, content and teaching and learning activities.

  • Programming Proforma: Stage 1


    We offer this programming template for Stage 1 teachers as a way to make clear links between the syllabus outcomes, content and teaching and learning activities.